The Tap Program


Tap is a hybrid form of percussive dance born in America out of African and European traditions. Tap evolved along with American music that would become known as jazz.

With a focus on rhythm and musicality, dancers will learn various tap techniques and progressions using the feet as their instruments.

We offer 5 levels of Tap training.

Tap 1

At this level, the focus is on learning the basic steps and concepts of rhythm.  This includes short exercises, across the floors, dance routines, and lots of games and fun!

Tap 2/3

Students work on expanding their tap repertoire and increasing the complexity of sequences of steps.   Students at this level begin to focus on musicality and performance.

Tap 4/5

At this level, students work on complex sequences of movements including wing steps, maxi-fords turning, pullbacks and more.  There is an emphasis on speed and cleanliness of sound, while incorporating upper body movements and mature performance.

Adult Tap

Adult tap is a fun, drop in class available to any abilities and all adult ages! Each week differs between learning basic steps, completing across the floor exercises, and exploring different styles of choreography.

Note: Adult tap classes are also listed under The Adult Program