The Jazz Program 


Jazz technique is the result of many different influences, including African-American jazz music from the 1950’s.

One of the most popular styles of dance, jazz is technical, entertaining, and lively!

We encourage students enrolled in Jazz and Contemporary dance to take ballet classes in order to develop a strong, well rounded technical base.

Age is only one consideration in placing our dancers in the correct class. We aspire for each of our students to succeed, and maximize their potential. Students will move on to the next level according to their own progression and with approval of the Artistic Director and instructor.

We offer 5 levels of jazz training as well as Musical Theatre

Jazz 1

 An introduction to jazz technique, this class allows children to explore movement, improvisation, beat and musicality in a structured setting to modern music. (Ages 6-7)

Jazz 2

This class builds on introductory jazz technique to refine positions and enhance physical literacy. Leaps, turns, flexibility, and musicality are focused. (Ages 7-9)

Jazz 3

Students in this class can expect to experiment with different styles of jazz throughout the year, building technique and performance quality with exercises in the centre and across the floor. They will also be given opportunities for improvisation. (Ages 10-12)

Jazz 4

Students in this class will continue to develop intermediate and advanced skills in technique, performance and choreography. (Ages 12+)

Jazz 5

An intermediate level class focusing on style, confidence and attack of movement. Multiple pirouettes, different kinds of kicks and large jumps will be mastered at this level. Focus on strength and flexibility. Students at this level should have completed a minimum of 4 years of previous dance training.(Ages 13+)

NEW **** Musical Theatre ages 10+

Known as the triple threat class, Musical Theatre is a combination of dancing, singing, and acting. This class provides young students the opportunity to explore acting exercises, movements for musical theatre and an introduction to voice work. Students will learn songs and movement from current and classic musicals.


Lyrical dance is a style of jazz that focuses on expression and telling a story. Lyrical  dance utilizes elements of ballet and contemporary technique.

Stretch Leap and Turn

This class is intended to help young dancers ages 9-12 achieve the technical challenges of jazz and contemporary dance.

Adult Jazz Classes

Street (Urban) Jazz

This class brings an urban flair to the jazz style and caters to students aged 16 and over

Jazz with Andrea Palmer.

Taught by our Artistic Director; Andrea Palmer (formerly of Les Grands Ballets; Les Studios), this invigorating class will introduce students to the basics of jazz dance technique and choreography.

Note: Adult jazz classes are also listed under the Adult Program