The Contemporary Program 

Photo: Susanna Gordon

Photo: Susanna Gordon

Contemporary Dance is ever changing and evolving to reflect a rapidly changing society

Stemming from modern dance, contemporary dance attempts to reinvent movement and questions the role of art in society.

Acquisition of contemporary technique is considered essential for today’s emerging young dancers.

Age is only one consideration in placing our dancers in the correct class. We aspire for each of our students to succeed, and maximize their potential. Students will move on to the next level according to their own progression and with approval of the Artistic Director and instructor.

We offer 5 levels of contemporary training for children plus Junior & Senior Contemporary Dance Labs

Contemporary 1 

Students age 6-7 are given the opportunity to explore movement and their creativity. Less structured than other programs, dancers will be encouraged to move in expression, rather than to specific music cues and strict position. Basic technique for safety will be instructed.

Contemporary 2

 Students age 7-9 build on their creative movement ability in this class, incorporating musicality and partner/group work into their pieces. Students explore and challenge social concepts/themes in choreography.

Contemporary 3

Students age 10-12 focus on acquiring techniques to strengthen and develop contemporary movement, musicality, flexibility, floor work and simple choreography.

Contemporary 4

Students age 12+ continue to build their skills in contemporary dance. Concepts introduced include successional movement, fall and recovery, swing, pulses, contraction, high lift, and spatial awareness. 

Contemporary 5

This is an advanced level technique class, the goal of this class is to introduce and expand on concepts in contemporary technique, contact improvisation, and the choreographic progress. Class work is progressive and includes a full floor barre, center work, across the floor, and improvisational exercises. 

Dance Lab (Junior and Senior)

A choreographic based contemporary dance class.

Stretch Leap & Turn

This class is intended to help young dancers ages 9-12 achieve the technical challenges of jazz and contemporary dance.

Adult Contemporary Class

The focus of the class is an emotional response to natural movement ideas, concentrating on the principles of contraction, release and giving into gravity.

 Note: Adult contemporary classes are also listed under The Adult Program


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