The Ballet Program


We believe ballet is the foundation of strong dancers

Our NEW semi-professional dance company, the Kingston Youth Dance Ensemble, will give dancers the opportunity to work with professional choreographers and perform for the community. 

Our NEW Aspirant Dancer Program is for dancers who are interested in a more intensive program with a pre-professional focused syllabus.

Our recreational ballet program is designed with the aim of encouraging an appreciation of dance, physical activity and self-discipline. Students of this program progress through each level at a pace matched to their own development. Drawing from the Cecchetti syllabus, our professionally trained teachers will ensure that each student acquires a solid fundamental base in ballet technique.

Through our ballet program, we strive to develop dancers who are able to use their ballet technique in other contemporary dance forms.

Age is only one consideration in placing our dancers in the correct class. We aspire for each of our students to succeed, and maximize their potential. Students will move on to the next level according to their own progression and with approval of the Artistic Director and instructor.

We currently offer six levels of ballet training plus pointe and repertoire classes. 

A new and exciting ballet syllabus (Cecchetti) will be implemented in the fall of 2019, as well as yearly examinations for those who wish to participate. 

Ballet 1

This class allows children to explore basic ballet technique, movement and musicality in a structured setting. 1 hour, once a week. This level participates in the year end performance. Students at this level are generally aged between 6 and 7 years and have completed their Primary Ballet classes.

Ballet 2

This class expands on the precepts acquired during level one as more ballet steps are introduced and refined. Students at this level are invited to participate in the annual performance. At this level students are generally aged between 7 and 9 years and have completed their Ballet level 1 classes. Class placement is based on ability, previous training and the teacher’s discretion.

Ballet 3

Student ages for this level range from 8 to 12 years old. The level 3 class helps to build a strong base to assure that each individual student acquires their essential basic clean technique. Students are monitored, encouraged and corrected to ensure they are constantly improving. At this stage, the method and reasoning behind the movements are explained during barre work and centre work. Classes at this level are small enabling the teacher to give each student individual attention. Students will perform in the end of year show.

Ballet 4

Students ages range from 12 to 15 in these classes, depending upon their own level of training and development.  In level 4 girls are introduced to pointe work depending upon their strength and readiness.  All dancers will perform at the end of the year. The level 4 classes challenge each dancer to their full potential to develop a strong ability in ballet from barre work to centre work. Many will also join the Ballet Company where they will have the opportunity to expand their potential with individual, or small group performances.

Ballet 5/6

At this level, students usually aged 13 and over continue to refine their technique. Some may choose at this stage to aim for a professional career while others dance for pleasure, exercise and the joy of dance. Dancers in the level 5/6 class are demanded to use their proper technique to maximize their performance on stage. Many of the advanced dancers are also part of the Ballet Company.

NEW*** Ballet Basics ages 10-14

Little or no experience in classical dance? Discover the universe of a ballet class, learn all the useful vocabulary and familiarize yourself with basic movements. Build a strong foundation in ballet technique.

Adult Ballet Classes

Introduction to Ballet

Little or no experience in classical dance? Discover the universe of a ballet class, learn all the useful vocabulary and familiarize yourself with basic movements.


Unique and enriching adult ballet classes for the heart and soul.  Tailored to individual students needs and capabilities. Classes consist of  classical ballet barre and centre work, with a focus on basic technique and musicality.  Lunch hour drop in  ballet classes are offered on Tuesdays and Wednesdays .

Adult Ballet

Beginner and Intermediate level ballet classes.

Barre Burn

A conditioning class set at the ballet barre working to build core strength, body awareness and flexibility in a fun and encouraging environment.

Note: Adult ballet classes are also listed under The Adult Program