In order to provide a secure support for each student’s future dance training, K.S.D. utilizes the structure of the LEAP ‘N LEARN syllabus. Child psychologists and master dance educators developed the syllabus tailored to the physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development of the child at each age. It is specifically shaped around the format of those classes traditionally aimed at the older dance student. Instead of a “free form” class, the LEAP ‘N LEARN syllabus provides young dancers with the opportunity to experience a warm-up, centre barre and across-the-floor activities, just like the structure of a traditional ballet class. Throughout the class, children explore monthly objectives such as music and body awareness, expressing emotions through movement concepts, class etiquette, relationships to others, spatial awareness, learning about other dances from other countries, pantomime and performance time. Children experience the joy of movement and engage their imaginations while mastering the motor skills they require for future dance training. Additionally, students participate in a free dance activity gaining confidence and creativity in their choreographic efforts.



IMAGINE DANCE: 3-4  YRS (Saturdays)

The Imagine Dance Program introduces concepts of dance through creative movement and expression. The goal is to integrate our youngest dancers into a class setting, develop their movement skills and coordination, encourage musicality, and prepare them for more structured ballet training.


The Pre-Ballet Program expands upon creative concepts, and introduces the basic movements and concepts of traditional ballet technique. The goal of these classes is to prepare the dancer for the ballet program’s more intensive ballet training, (Levels 1-6) while encouraging a love of dance and performance. The Pre-Primary/ Primary levels are a pivotal period for many young dancers, when talent emerges and an enduring love of dance is formed.

At this level, the focus is on creativity and the development of correct posture, building physical strength and acquiring flexibility. Children in this class develop self-discipline, increased attention span and response to rhythm and musical patterns. This class is a prelude to formal ballet instruction. Classes are 45 minutes long, once a week and the children participate in the year end performance.





4 and 5 years old

Mini-Dance (Tap and Jazz) This is a beginner class for young students who are interested in exploring a combination of classic styles for the first time. First steps and basic dance skills in these two genres are taught and applied to small choreographed pieces to modern music. (Saturdays).


5-7 years old

In this class, students get to sample different styles of dance ranging from ballet to funky dance and contemporary. (Saturday 1:00-2:00 pm, starting January 2019).



  PARENT AND TOT (January, 2019)


Dance your way back into shape while bonding with your little one! This class will get you moving, introduce your child to music and movement, and allow you to socialize with other new parents, all in a safe and welcoming environment for you and your little partner! (Ages 3-5) Saturdays 9:00-10:00 am.



An introduction to Acrobatic Dance – rolls, balances, flexibility, and muscle training will be explored in this fun & energetic class! (Saturdays, 9:30-10:30 am)