Kingston School of Dance Guidelines and Policies 2014/2015

Welcome to Kingston School of Dance! We are Kingston’s not-for-profit, non-competitive, performance-based dance studio. We thank you for choosing to make your family a part of the Kingston School of Dance community. The following are some helpful guidelines to help make this year a success for everyone…
Class Etiquette:
Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled class time and arrange for pick up in a prompt and timely manner after class has concluded. Kingston School of Dance (KSD) staff are not available to supervise your child/ward outside of class time.
Please dress appropriately for your class. See dress code/ask instructor for more information.
No food, gum, cell phones, offensive language or street shoes permitted in the studios.
Please encourage a positive educational environment for your fellow students.
Instructors have the authority to remove a student from class for being disruptive.

Facility Policies:
Please consume food in the waiting area only. Also, kindly respect that we are a nut-free facility. Please advise us of any allergies in your registration form. Any epipens need to be given to the instructor prior to each class.
Changing rooms are for changing only. Please respect others’ privacy.
Parents/guardians/visitors are kindly asked to wait in the designated waiting area. Hallways must be kept clear for safety/fire hazard reasons. Also, a quiet studio environment is imperative for the classes in progress.
Please stay informed of upcoming events, performances, master classes, volunteer opportunities, fee deadlines, meetings etc. by visiting, our Facebook page, or the KSD Newsletter via email or paper copy available at studio desk.
Kingston School of Dance is not responsible for lost or stolen articles. Please check the Lost and Found regularly for missing items. Unclaimed items will be donated to a local charity at the conclusion of each term.
INCLEMENT WEATHER: In the event of bad weather we will make a decision by 12:00pm as to whether the classes scheduled that day will be running (for Saturday classes a decision will be made by 8 pm on Friday). The decision to cancel classes will be based partly on whether local Kingston Area schools are closed. On bad weather days or during heavy snow we ask that you please contact KSD via Facebook or our website where there will be a message stating whether classes are running that day. If your class is cancelled we will try our best to offer you an alternative class to attend. We will not issue refunds due to adverse weather conditions that are beyond our control.
Class Placement and Exam Considerations:
Instructors reserve the right to determine appropriate class levels for all students. This may change at some point during the term and will be discussed with parents/guardians by private appointment.
Upon attaining higher class levels, students may be required to attend additional classes. This is to ensure their safety and adequate preparation for the physical demands of advanced dance technique.
Students enrolled in a syllabus class may be offered the opportunity to take an exam at the discretion of their instructor(s). This will require an additional fee payable to the examiner. Exams may fall on any day of the week. All efforts will be made to make these dates and fees available as soon as possible.

Payment and Refund Policies:
An annual $25 registration fee applies to all students.
A Performance Fee will apply to all dancers for Term 2 for participating in the year-end production. This helps to cover costs associated with producing the show. Cost to be announced soon.
Tuition is due either in full at the beginning of term or in monthly installments made payable by post-dated cheque on the 1st or 15th of the month. A $10 late fee will be applied to late payments. Delinquent accounts may result in student suspension.
NSF payments will be subject to a $25 fee with repayment. All future payments thereafter must be remitted via debit, money order or cash.
Pro-rated refunds available only during the first 3 weeks of a term. No refunds will be issued on any fee after this time period unless withdrawal from the program is due to medical issues verified by a doctor’s letter.

Additional Considerations:
Dance requires “hands on” instruction as well as verbal instruction. Corrections will often require instructors to touch students’ arms, legs, feet, hips, back and head. This is to ensure proper alignment for technique and to avoid injury.
KSD is an inclusive learning facility. Please inform staff of any learning considerations your child may have on their registration form.
A positive attitude maintained by all students and parents/guardians is paramount to the success of the KSD community.
All members of the KSD community – students, parents/guardians and instructors – are expected contribute to our supportive and nurturing learning environment. Everyone is encouraged to do their personal best!
Volunteer opportunities are always available and your time is appreciated! This is a great way to have fun and get involved with KSD. Please check your newsletters and with the studio office anytime for more information.
Questions/concerns are always welcome and will be addressed by appointment with the instructor and the Artistic Director or via email to the studio at
Kingston School of Dance reserves the right to withdraw services to any person who does not adhere to the policies set forth herein.